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Dan was a guest on the Fox 29 News morning show in Philly. How cool is that?...

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Vassallo Wins Philly; See How He Trains

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Caption That Photo!

Looks Dan Vassallo had himself a victory tour for his win at the Philadelphia Marathon. Saw the posts plastered on Facebook this morning: Dan was a guest on the Fox 29 News morning show in Philly. How cool is that? World class guys barely get any time in the mainstream media spotlight and it seems even rarer for the blue collar, hard working sub elites to get a turn in the spotlight.

Check out the interview:

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV
Not to take anything away from that, which must’ve been a very cool experience for Dan and his wife Katrina, but what was up with that host? As if reading from the Great Big Book of Running Clich├ęs, he just had to drop the ‘I don’t think I can drive that far!’ line. Dan’s dead-panned response to that was great though: “I’m sure you could.”

In between that gem of a joke and debuting a, um, crude impersonation of Mrs. Vassallo, he also took the time to…play with his nipples. Yeah, nipple bleeding comes up in conversation about distance running. This was bordering on gratuitous nipple play. Had to get a screen shot:

Vassallo Philly Marathon morning show

“If it gets any colder in here I might blast right through my jacket.”

And now we need a caption. Give it your best shot.

Even with that strange couple of seconds built in, it was nothing short of awesome to see Dan get screen time like that. We’ve got a big interview with him coming up, which will be posted soon.

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