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Sunday, July 17, 2016

9:00 am

DW Field Park, Brockton, MA

2015 race winners Glarius Rop and Rosa Moriello. Photos courtesy of Krissy Kozlosky.

2015 race winner Glarius Rop and Rosa Moriello. Photos courtesy of Krissy Kozlosky.

Course Records

Ruben Sanca – 29:54 (2013)
Rosa Moriello – 35:35 (2015)

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Click here for full 2013 results

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The Level Renner Road Race 10k (#LVL10K) was born out of the desire to provide an excellent racing experience for competitive and recreational runners alike. For competitive runners, this race is first and foremost a competition and the LVL10K is determined to give its regional and elite athletes the best experience possible and the recognition that they deserve. This event will not be a carnival with the race as an afterthought. The race and the competition are the focal point. For recreational runners, our goal is to inspire and motivate you to give your best effort. We want to provide you with an outstanding racing experience.  As such, The LVL10K is a USATF sanctioned event.  Still need more convincing? Click here for our Top 10 Reasons to run our race.

Follow the below link to register online for the LVL10k.


Fee Structure
now to March 14: $10
March 15 to April 30: $15
May 1 to June 14: $20
June 15 to July 15: $25
day-of registration: $30

Day-of registration will occur at the finish line staging area at the top of the hill. See below map for exact location. Payment can be made in the form of cash, money order, or check (no credit cards).

Registering by June 30 guarantees T-shirt, LVL oval decal, and free magazine subscription.

Click here to download a mail-in registration form.

T-shirts will be guaranteed to all who sign-up by June 30. They will look sweet. Last year, we did not put ads on our shirts. Note: you must attend the event to collect your shirt; they will not be mailed.

Number Pick-up
Number pick-up will take place the day of the event at the finish line staging area at the top of the hill. See day-of Registration map (below).

usatf saction event color logo 1.30.16DW Field Park will be open to race participant traffic until 8:30. There are several small lots available for parking. As the course will be closed during the race, you are also welcome to park along the RIGHT SIDE of the road. If you arrive after 8:30, you will have to park outside of DW Field Park. See the map for parking suggestions.

Google Maps, Map Quest, GPS Destination is DW Field Parkway at Oak Street, Brockton, MA

Take Route 24 to Exit 18B. Merge onto Route 27 North toward Stoughton. Turn right onto Oak Street (traffic light with pharmacy & Dunkin Donuts). Continue on Oak Street for 1.1 miles. Turn Left into DW Field Park.

In addition to overall prizes for the top 3 male and female finishers, top 3 40+ male and female finishers, and the 1st place male and female team, non-cash awards will run 3 deep in these male and female divisions:

40-49 (if winners don’t claim 40+ prize money)

Elite Entry Application
The LVL10k is taking applications for elite entries. We have a limited number of spots for males and females, masters and open runners. Elite Entries will receive low bib numbers, reserved spots at the starting line, a complimentary entry fee, and hopefully a few more perks.  The Elite Entry Application is open until mid-June.  Selected elites will be notified in late June. Note: these spots are usually taken by national level elites who can run the marathon in sub 2:25 (men) and sub 2:55 (women).

 Click here to apply for elite entry status.

Prize Money
The LVL10k prize structure is outlined below.  Not huge but not too shabby considering it comes from a free magazine.  Offering cash prizes is part of our mission to make the LVL10K a competitive road race.

Overall Men & Women
1st – $200
2nd – $100
3rd – $50

Masters (40+) Men & Women
1st – $100
2nd – $50
3rd – gift certificate to run specialty shop

Team Prize Men & Women
1st – $200*
winner takes all for each men and women’s team

Teams are gender specific (not mixed).  The top 5 individuals from each team will score.  The team with the lowest combined time will win the prize.  No exceptions.  Individuals who are racing as part of a team must declare their team affiliation when registering (and certainly not after the race).  Teams need not be USATF members. *Team prize money will only go to effect once five teams per gender have registered.

Runners can double-dip in winning both team and individual prize money. Runners, however, cannot double-dip in individual awards.  One individual award per runner. More prizes for everyone!

The course will be a double loop. One small loop (The Kids Road Races Loop) followed by one bigger loop (The Hockomock Swamp Rat Wed Night Loop). There will be at least 4 water stops along the route and all miles will be marked. The start and finish line will be about a quarter mile from one another. A good distance to incorporate into a warm-up or cool-down. For a complete mile-by-mile description of the course, click here.

LRRR10k course map jpg 6.4.13

lrrr 10k map inset only 8.4.13

Beware the second loop turn. Runners go back to the starting line and turn there. This is an extension from the first loop turn. Took some runners by (unpleasant) surprise last year. This second turn is great for strategizing.

estimated elevation profile from USATF's America's Running Routes

estimated elevation profile from USATF’s America’s Running Routes

The race will start near the Oak Street entrance of the park, proceed up Tower Hill and continue straight until taking a left onto South St.  Runners will stay on South St. until taking their first left back into the park.  They will then loop around the pond, taking a hairpin turn up Tower Hill that will mark the end of Loop 1 and the start of Loop 2.  Runners will pass the finish line and continue straight; this time going straight at the South St. intersection (instead of taking a left like in Loop 1).  Once through the South St. intersection, runners will complete the second larger loop and again go straight through the second South St. intersection (runners are now back on the road they ran on Loop 1).  Instead of taking the left hairpin turn that they did at the end of Loop 1, runners will proceed to the starting line area and do a softer turn before heading up Tower Hill for a third time and to the finish line, which is about one tenth of a mile from the hill’s summit.  Note: despite running Tower Hill 3 times, this is a fast course.  Don’t be fooled or intimidated by one short, steep hill.  That’s so not on The Level.

We discourage the use of headphones, rollerblades, strollers.  We encourage the use of sneakers, legs, willpower.


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McCall Transportation

Greater Boston Running Company

If you would like to sponsor the LVL10k in any capacity, please contact Kevin at kevbalance[at]levelrenner[dot]com.  Help our charities!  Help our Prize Purse!  Sponsor today!

Volunteers are wanted! We need help manning water stations and marshaling corners and lots more. We will try to provide volunteers with some small token of gratitude for their service.  Email us if you want to volunteer! Better yet, fill-out this quick and easy form. It’ll take you less than one minute.

A portion of race proceeds will go to youth running programs.

You can email the race director…
Kevin: kevbalance[at]levelrenner[dot]com

4 Responses to LVL10K

  1. Gregory says:

    help, I cannot find your paypal button. I have signed up for the race, but I am now trying to pay. Jim pawlicki says that I am good for it, and that I have good credit. Can you loan me the 20 bucks, or tell me where that button is.

    Thanks you, Gregory Putnam

  2. Jason says:

    I thought I was smarter than Greg Putnam until now. Not being able to follow the succeeding paypal link causes just certainty I am far less likely smarter than he. Jason

  3. Gregory says:

    Thank you Kevin for putting on a great race— everything was exceptional, the course, the volunteers, the prizes. It was wonderful to run a race away from the chaos of the usual downtown 5k. The quiet of the shady terrain mixed with the clamant tintinnabulation of the runner’s beating heart to create a pastoral symphony to match Smetana’s Die Moldau. My kids were thrilled with the kindness of your staff who plied them with toys and food at the end of the race. My only wish would be to have more participants, we need to keep this race coming back year after year.

    Gregory Putnam

    P.S. As you an tell from the above response, my aged teammate, Porter is about as sharp as a bowling ball.