It’s Snowshoe Time!

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I got my Dion snowshoes in the mail. Actually, I got them back in October but had been too busy coughing and wheezing to get too excited about them. It’s fitting now that I’m getting to posting about them on a snowy day here in Beverly.

Now that I own a pair I guess I’ll actually have to get out and compete in them. Snow and I usually don’t get along but I think that I can make an exception here. By testing out the mountain racing waters over the summer I think I caught that off road bug. Luckily there is no shortage of options in New England to get your snowshoe racing fix.

Speaking of which, we’ll even have the US championships right here in our neck of the woods. That race will be held in Woodford, VT on March 1st.

Two great series to keep an eye out for:

The Granite State Snowshoe Series, sponsored by Dion Snowshoes

The WMAC Dion Snowshoe Racing Series

I guess Dion is a big player in this sport, huh? Dave Dunham and Jessica Northan won the WMAC series, while Jim Johnson and Kristina Folcik won the Granite State series. Impressively, Dave Dunham finished runner up to Johnson in the Granite State series.

You probably recognized most of those names. If you can run on the roads then you can handle the snow. I’m hoping to make my debut at the Beaver Brook race at Hollis, NH on January 11, and will be rocking the Dion 121 racing frames (pictured). Looking forward to gutting that one out!

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