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Prioritize Your Recovery

December 31, 2016

  It being January 1, we thought it a good idea to suggest a resolution…

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Vassallo Wins Philly; See How He Trains

November 23, 2014

Dan Vassallo just won the Philly Marathon. Get a peek at his training schedule….

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LVL Profile: Larissa Park

November 13, 2014

SRR member Larissa Park is profiled……

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Run Rabbit Run

December 28, 2013

The life of the rabbit….

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Making Sense of Easy Days

December 19, 2013

Distance runners spend most of their time focused on what we all call…

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Injured Again

November 30, 2013

Being injured sucks! I’ve found that just as there is no secret to training…

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Real Recovery

November 21, 2013

But why could I still compete while others hung up their spikes? Simple: I…

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The Red Flags of Injury

November 14, 2013

We must also listen to our body and recognize when we are asking too much of…

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Nov/Dec 2013 : Issue 17

November 3, 2013

We have a first. It took us 17 issues but we have it. A special section….

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