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The Best Treadmills

March 26, 2016

  If you are in the market for a new treadmill, then this is the post for…

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3 Reasons You Need to Run on the…

February 12, 2016

Guest blog by John Davis (RunnersConnect) By this time of year, there’s no…

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Jan/Feb 2016 : Issue 30

January 9, 2016

  Run on the ground. Welcome to the January/February issue of the…

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Sounds Shady

August 7, 2015

Seventeen miles a day. Even done on doubles, that’s no small feat. Well,…

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Andrews Tuning up with a Treadmill 10k World…

June 14, 2015

Guest post by Tyler Andrews I wake up in the dark, a bit before 5am for my last…

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Andrews Shatters World Record at Boston Marathon Expo

April 22, 2015

If you were milling around the Boston Marathon Expo late morning on Sunday, you…

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Nov/Dec 2014 : Issue 23

November 3, 2014

Introducing issue #23, Nov/Dec 2014….

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How Newbould Prepares for the One Hill

May 30, 2014

“Unfortunately that turned out to be around 18% or something, and my workout…

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Treadmill Running to the Extreme

April 4, 2014

“I ran 40km in 2’15’49 in the middle of a 150 mile week last weekend. Since…

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Andrews to Go For Treadmill Record

February 28, 2014

This Saturday former Tufts runner Tyler Andrews will return to the Boston area…

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