Brian Harvey: Training Update Plus

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As we get ever closer to the Boston Marathon, members of the Level Legion: Boston Marathon Edition are checking in with some thoughts on the training the race, or whatever else they can come up with it. We let them go freestyle, but the question remains: will Brian Harvey “share his feelings” with us? For now, we have a training log update from him. 

Training log from Monday, 3/17 to Sunday, 3/23:

Overview: 114mi total in 11 runs.

Monday (16mi total)

7:05AM: 8mi in 1:01:00.

6:00PM: 8mi in 1:00:00. Nice to have this be in the daylight!

Tuesday (19mi total)

6:55AM: 14mi in 1:44:10. Seem to finally have loosened up my hip for first time in over a week!

7:15PM: 5mi in 35:00. Commute home via the River.

Wednesday (15mi total)

7:50PM: 9mi in 1:08:00. On the “Harvey Humps” loop which includes a few hills in Brookline and Summit Ave.

4:40PM: 6mi in 44:00

Thursday (22m total)

7:40AM: 17mi in 1:52:00. 3x~3K @ MP effort on Bussey Hill in the Arnold Arboretum. Start at top, 1K down, 1K up, 1K down. Easy run up the hill as recovery. Main goal of this workout was to work on downhill running which will be needed for the last 5M+ of Boston.

3:09, 3:42, 3:22 = 10:13 [4:45r]

3:11, 3:40, 3:04 = 9:56 [4:34r]

3:09, 3:41, 3:01 = 9:51

Did this with Eric Ashe. Since we were both coming off races we ran the previous weekend (I ran the Gate River Run 15K, Eric ran New Bedford Half), this workout was meant to be moderate. In general it went well and fun to try out a new workout spot.

6:15PM: Commute home after a couple beers with one of my advisors and other students.

Friday (10mi total):

7:45AM: Ran with Tim Ritchie (aka Tinky). Kept it nice and easy!

Saturday (8mi total):

8:30AM: 8mi in 1:00:00. Very easy today with big long run tomorrow.

Sunday (24mi total):

8:25AM: 24M in 2:16:00. BAA “Down the Hatch” run from the start line in Hopkinton, ending at Cleveland Circle.

Splits: 4:45 warm-up, 5M in 25:53, 10M in 57:55, 5M in 25:47, 6:16 up Heartbreak, 4:57 from mm21à22, easy 9:57 cool-down.

Great to get out to the start line one last time and grateful the BAA buses us out there. We had very favorable weather and a 7-10mph tailwind which helped quite a bit. Ran this all with Eric and 9mi in the middle with Alex Taylor, David Bedoya, and Nils Schallner. Felt strong throughout this run…good confidence builder!

And now a special treat, Tim Ritchie (one of Brian’s fellow BAA Unicorns), shares his feelings on Brian’s impact on the BAA.

Oh Captain, My Captain – by Tim Ritchie

Brian, in my eyes, has been the captain of the ship that is the BAA Running Club since I joined 3 years ago. He has been the model of consistency and involvement in every aspect of the club and as such makes us all better than we are. From discussing how we can continue to develop the club, what accessories are necessary for our training (capes, belt buckles, etc) and how we ourselves can improve as runners, the miles I have spent with Brian have been some of my most formative. I know I am not the only one who has felt immediately and continuously welcomed as a member of the BAA team because of Brian’s care, concern and support.

Hatton, Harvey & Ritchie after the 2012 BAA 10k.

It has been a true blessing for me this year to watch his running be focused towards our signature race, the Boston Marathon. I have been constantly checking his log, meeting for the occasional run and counting the days until I can watch him crest Heartbreak Hill. A few weekends ago, I had the joy of having Brian (and Sam Alexander) along to the Gate River Run 15k Championship. Together we finished 2nd as a team in a very competitive race. His poise, confidence and courage down there inspired my own race and I was beyond grateful to be able to stand beside him on the podium.

For Brian, his best races still lay ahead, a big one of those just over two weeks away. We have many Unicorns entered, all of whom will do the club quite proud! I can say honestly that I am more excited for this year’s race than I was for my own a year ago, because this year I will be able to go nuts for some of the best men and women I know.

I hope you have been enjoying reading Brian’s training, question responses and other pieces through this Level Legion project as much as I have. Be sure to keep following him all the way down Boylston Street to the finish. He is a real talent, a great captain and an all-around bro. Good things ahead for this Unicorn (and for all who have the pleasure of knowing him)!

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