RYAN Ushers in the Outdoor Track Season

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This untitled work by RYAN is an appropriate way to usher in the outdoor track season. Read more about the piece below.

RYAN (aka Paul Ryan) has nothing to do with the politician by the same name. He is a 2:27 marathoner who spent the first 13 years of his running career chasing the 14 minute barrier in the 5k. Although it didn’t happen, he got within 9 seconds and is satisfied with that now. The work on the previous page came about during a spring cleaning session where he debated throwing away his spikes, but decided against it.

RYAN creates perspectives that punch the viewer in the face. His works draw out emotions that the viewer has tucked away. He presses at emotion by jumping between various mediums and combining drawing, painting, and life experience.

RYAN is an ever curious dude living and working in Somerville, Massachusetts, with an insatiable appetite for drawing and experimenting with new media. When not drawing he’s found running, drinking wonderful ipa’s, and/or hanging with his lovely lady, Ann. It would be very stereotypical given his setting, but it’s true: he does ride a single speed bike around town. RYAN’s done a stint in architecture school and when the money ran out he took a new direction and is using many of the tools picked up in school to make himself into the artist he wants to be. His dog Charlie is a continual studio companion.

This original work originally appeared in the May/Jun 2013 issue of Level Renner. Get your free subscription today (box in upper right portion of screen).

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