John Carson 2 Miler

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Got some reader submitted action shots from the John Carson 2 Miler this morning in Chelmsford, MA. Luckily for us, the results are already posted on Coolrunning so we can figure out just who the people in the pics are.

Here’s a shot of the winner:

That was Jeff Veiga (RUN) and ran a 9:04 which earned him the ability to eat as many hotdogs as he wants today. Up next was Brian Harvey in Second:

Brian ran a 9:13 which is also fast enough to eat as many hotdogs as he wants…but not as many as Jeff (it’s only fair). In third was Adam Malek in 9:19:

Didn’t get any pictures of the top women, but Karen Roa ran away with it. She ran a 10:34 and finished 20th overall, well ahead of her closest competition. Kristen Lerra and Kara Haas finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Kristen ran an 11:19 while Kara was just behind her in 11:24.

Photos courtesy of Michael Narcisi

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