Golden Harper Talks Shoes

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Golden Harper was in town and took the opportunity to hit up a local run specialty store and talk shop with some trail runners. Golden stopped by the New England Running Company in Beverly, MA during an open house that focused on the store’s new expanded trail running space. There were representatives from several area clubs there in attendance, along with a couple of former Team USA competitors: Julie Menosky (mountain) and Christy Cosgrove (ultra).

Golden gave a very informative, entertaining presentation that covered the Altra backstory and also went over some of his own personal running history. Afterwards, we sat down with him to go into a little more detail about the brand and some of the conflicting research out there on running shoes.

Thanks to Golden for sticking around for a while. It was real late by the time he finished answering questions from all in attendance. Between the late hour and the spontaneous nature of the interview, we were probably pushing our luck. All things considered we’re happy with the end result and found it very interesting to get answers right from the source.

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2 Responses to Golden Harper Talks Shoes

  1. michael miller says:

    did he say anything about the backorder status of olympus and lone peak 2.0? production problems? anything?

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