Northeast Uphill Mountain Series

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by Fred Ross

Interested in a Mount Washington lottery by-pass for the 2015 race? Read on…

To be eligible for a by-pass, a person must donate $10 to ATRA (to help defray individual expenses to compete at world’s) and $15 to the Mount Washington Observatory…both tax deductible. Then the runner must complete all of the following races:

Laurel Shortell and John Stiffler at the top of Mt Washington. Photo by Fred Ross.

Laurel Shortell and John Stifler at the top of Mt Washington. Photo by Fred Ross.

As you can see these are all uphill only races on roads. More info at

This will be for the second year of the series. The first year, that ended with the Mt Washington race on June 21, only had three participants: Laurel Shortell, my wife, and me. We are also the only three in the second series, so far, but are hopeful to have some more company next time around! Contact me, Fred Ross, at  [email protected], if you have any questions.

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