Wrapping Up the Level 10k

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The were some pretty solid Masters results from the Level Renner 10k last Sunday. Greg Putnam of CMS was the top dog in 33:58. Greg couldn’t let up because senior runner Robert Cipriano (Somerville Road Runners) wasn’t far back in 34:42. Joe Shairs rounded out the top three masters with his 35:02.

Rebecca Breslow (48:43) won a close one over Janice Bellew 48:47 to get the masters cash. Jennifer Fields of Westborough took the last podium spot in 51:40.

The senior (50-59) champs ended up being E-J Hrynowski (37:29) & Nancy Dorn (51:55). Nancy just missed out on the overall masters podium.

In taking a deeper look at the results, interesting to see how the fields stack up comparing the first and second edition of the event. In 2013 there were 6 guys under 35:00, including Ruben Sança’s winning 29:54. For this latest edition There were an incredible 10 guys under 35:00. No one went under 30, but it’s not reasonable to expect a new course record every year. Besides, winner Amos Sang’s 30:34 was still pretty damn quick anyway.

The women’s field didn’t see the same increase in depth that men’s field did. In 2013 there were 5 women under 39:00. It was competitive, very much so given the size of the field.  This year there was only one woman under 39:00. On the bright side, that one woman is an Olympic athlete and she set a new course record. Steph Reilly’s 36:17 will be the standard that the ladies are gunning for going forward.

Speaking of Steph’s new course record, we can now say that both the men’s and women’s course records for our race are both held by Olympians.

If you haven’t already, please check out the work of Scott Mason Photo. Scott did some great work and supports what we do here so please consider making a purchase:

Here’s new women’s course record holder Steph Reilly coming down the home stretch. Courtesy of Scott Mason Photo.

Krissy Kozlosky was on the scene and she got some fantastic shots in as well. Krissy’s work can found here, and like the Level, it’s all free:

Sean Cameron and James Sullivan in the early stages of the races. Courtesy of Krissy Kozlosky.

And finally we have more race footage here:

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