Snowshoe World Championships: Quick Update

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The Snowshoe World Championships were held today in Quebec, Canada. A few locals were there were representing the US. Still waiting on official results, but here’s what we know…

Abbey Wood… 8th place
Amber Ferreira… 4th place
Jason Ayr… possibly top 20
Kristina Folcik-Welts… 10th

Then there was Nacho Hernando, who was representing Spain.

Amber posted this on her Facebook page:

4th overall at the World Snowshoe Championships!! I went out way too fast. It was 0 degrees. My quads cramped. Pain was my friend. I raced aR. It was an AWESOMELY challenging race course.

Cold weather? For a snowshoe race?! I guess that shouldn’t be unexpected. But that still is pretty cold.

Got a few actions shots of Jason Ayr, courtesy of Steph Wilson. For now, here’s Jason finishing.

2015 World Snowshoe Championships Ayr Wilson finishing
More to come later.

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