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We’re only a matter of minutes now before the start of the race. Before things kick off we wanted to remind you one last time about the impressive athletes that make up the Level Legion Boston Marathon Edition:

Class of 2015

The Ladies

Athletes are (followed by bib numbers):
Lindsay Willard – 1580 … 3:03:08 for Lindsay last year, 144th in her division
Anne Treadwell – 9036 … 3:33:47 for Anne in 2014, 216th in her division
Bridget van Herp – 26057 … first timer for 2015!

The Men

And the athletes are…
Ruben Sança – 35 … Ruben ran a 2:19:05 in 2014 and finished in 22nd place overall!
Gary Cattarin – 6365 … Gary ran a 3:07 in the 2014 edition, 183rd in his division
Ian Wright – 4530 … Ian didn’t run Boston in 2014, but he did run a 3:12:36 at the Manchester City Marathon in November (56th overall)

Class of 2014

Now just because they’re not on the squad this year doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about them. Here are the members of our 2014 team that are back at it again for 2015:

The athletes:
Jose Rivera – 28411 … 4:01:13 in 2014, 1868 in his division
Scott Graham – 13791 … 3:31:12 last year, 310th in his division
Brian Harvey – 2:20:31 for Brian in 2014, good for 26th overall. Even though Brian’s not running this one, we didn’t feel like making another pic up that wasn’t including him so here he is anyway. But we do have recent news to share on him so why not? Brian just ran a 14:41 at the BAA 5k, a 46:28 at the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run, and be sure to watch out for him at Grandma’s Marathon on June 20th!

Text the bib numbers for these athletes and any others you want to follow to 234567.

Once again, a big thank you to Tim Ritchie, an elite marathoner himself, for spearheading this whole initiative for the second year in a row. It wouldn’t have happened without him!

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