Vermont City Marathon Updates

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Received some bad news regarding the Vermont City Marathon last night: Madeline Duhon will not be racing due to injury. This is very disappointing for the fans looking to see the former Stanford 1500m runner battling it out with the rest of the elites in the marathon.

Also filed under ‘not good’: Mary-Lynn Currier has just come down with the flu. Here’s to a quick recovery for Mary-Lynn so she can make it to the starting line in good shape.

What’s going on here, people? Injuries, illness…good thing the VCM has a very deep invited runner field. Although this news here does open up the women’s open and masters races. So who’s the favorite? We’ll leave it to you to discuss in the comments, but check out the list here.

Yeah, just picture a grown man in a baby bjorn on his chest. That’s the media coverage for Sunday. Courtesy of Scott Mason Photo.

And perhaps the worst news of all is that I won’t be competing. I was hoping that this would be the first time wearing the CMS singlet, but will have to wait for a more opportune time seeing that I basically broke my ass at the Ragnar Cape Cod relay. But, the positive side of this means I’ll be free to cover the event for Level Renner more extensively. For the first time in Level history, the Garmin Virb will be deployed (on loan from the New England Running Company) so that we can get that much more action.

The plan was to place the Virb on Matt Pelletier so we can get the first-person view from the front of the race. Unfortunately due to insurance issues we can’t let him wear it; only I can wear it. But don’t worry, we’ll still get that ‘front of the pack’ view. It just means that Matt will have to race with me strapped to his chest in a big baby bjorn. I just ate a donut too, so it’ll be extra challenging for Matt. This is really why we need someone with great Photoshop skills on the payroll. Or even someone with Photoshop. Good opportunity for a classic pic here. Oh well, maybe next time.

Anyway…Is he up to it? We’ll find out on Sunday.VCM RVT_logo_horizontal_NEWcolor

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