Top Ten Reasons to Run the 2016 LVL10K

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The Level Renner 10K (LVL10K) is slated to take place this July 17, 2016 at DW Field Park in Brockton, MA. We want you to be a part of it. In case you need some convincing, here are the top ten reasons to run our race:

1. The Course Part I. DW Field Park is a beautiful and bucolic place, a hidden gem on the south shore of Massachusetts. Many can’t believe this lush park is in Brockton (and part of Avon). Bordering two different ponds and offering idyllic views, DW is the crown jewel of southeastern Massachusetts green spaces.

A pretty view of the reservoir before entering the shade.

2. The Course Part II. Runners may be going too fast to take in the breathtaking landscape of the park, so let’s review some other benefits of the course. One, it’s deceptively fast. Sure, Tower Hill exists but that’s the one substantial incline. What goes up must come down. The incline you get in a tenth of a mile is generously given back over the rest of the loop course. Two, the course is closed. That’s right; roughly ninety percent of the roads will be closed to vehicular traffic. Race without fear of a texter running you over and cut those tangents too. 

3. Amenities. We are runners and taking care of you, the runner, is important to us. We will have just about everything a runner needs for an optimal racing experience. Port-a-potties (and lots of woods-haha), race swag, a generous post race food spread, a well marked course with plenty of volunteers, and the list goes on and on and on…To guarantee yourself a T-shirt, please register by June 30. The shirts will be sweet and may not even have ads.

4. Raffle. Last year our prize table had at least 75 items on it and we are looking to improve on that this year. Good stuff too. Certificates to running stores, certificates for running shoes, technical running gear, apparel from the Legion treasure chest, all kinds of good stuff that every registered participant is eligible to win (but, of course, you must be present to win a raffle prize). We have had so many prizes that for the last three years, we’ve announced to the crowd: “If you haven’t won a raffle prize, come up and grab something off the table.” 

5. Camaraderie.  We are all runners here. This isn’t some race that’s primary goal is profiteering. We’re olde school and we believe in racing and trying your best, giving it your all. That’s why the LVL10K exits. Entering this race means you’ll be toeing the line with like minded individuals. People who get it. People who love running for running’s sake. We will not have selfie stations or people splattering you will rainbows or foam. We believe there is “fun” in hard work (or at least after the hard work has been completed. Come run our race and reminisce immediately following about how Tower Hill felt on tired legs. 

6. Accuracy. The course was wheel measured on foot in triplicate. It’s accurate. The race is not 10,051 meters or 9,750 meters. It’s 10,000 meters. The race will also be timed by professionals. They won’t screw it up. Now, it’s your job to run the tangents because that’s how we measured the course.


2014 race winners: Amos Sang & Stephanie Reilly. Photos by Scott Mason.

8. Publicity. We are a running news outlet, so we will promote you, our participants. We will have articles about you on our website. We will have photographs of you. We might even have video of you. Can anyone say “free gait analysis?” In the past, the phenomenal Scott Mason  and Krissy Kozlosky were on hand snapping hundreds of photographs. Click here and here to check out the work they did last year. (Of course, I am using the plural “you” here. I can’t guarantee that we will capture your image (you might be moving too fast) or put your name in print (well, we can in the results as long as you finish!).

9. Prizes. Top overall performers win cash. But wait, we even have cash prizes available for masters. Wait again, we even have a team competition with a winner take all cash prize purse (note: we need five teams of five to activate it). That’s not all; we have prizes that go three deep for all of our age groups. Good prizes too. Not some rinky dink medal that cost seventy-five cents at the dollar store. Check the event website for full details on our awards.

10. Charity. Making money is not our primary objective. Putting on a top shelf event that highlights the best that our sport offers is. We want to keep that torch burning brightly, so a portion of the race proceeds will go to the Kids Road Races, a youth running programs.

To register right now, click here. (Hurry there’s a $5 price increase in a few days!)

Pack Attack the the 2014 LVL10K. Photo by Krissy Kozlosky.

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2 Responses to Top Ten Reasons to Run the 2016 LVL10K

  1. DLM says:

    It seems that this race has fast runners. This will be only my 2nd 10K (did one last year) and I’m not very fast. I’m afraid I will be lost in the dust of the other runners (they will probably lap me!). I can run around a 10:45/mile to 11:00/mile in a 5K and I’m not sure about Tower Hill-what grade is it? I started running last Aug and never ran before and I’m in the 60year bracket. Do you think this race id doable for me or should I leave it to the elites?
    Thank you! DLM

    • kevbalance says:

      Hi DLM,

      This race is for everybody, DLM. Last year, several runners ran well above 10:00 per mile pace and they fit right in and were not left out. With a raffle as large as ours, everybody has a chance of winning. Level Renner welcomes everybody into The Legion. Hope to see you at the race!

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