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Our plan is to release the Jul/Aug edition of our magazine before Independence Day and the long weekend. Stay tuned. In the short interim between then and now, we thought we’d provide you with a teaser of what’s to come. The below is a sampling of topics to be found in the next issue in the form of a puzzle. We know this game is nearly impossible, but so is the lottery and a lot of people play that. How many correct topics can you name based on our clues? If you like what you see, subscribe now, and be among the first to get our current issue when we debut it. Membership has its privileges. Plus, subscriptions are free.

Here are the clues:


Alpha then Numeric



Super Bowl III and Woodstock


Proposed Amendment to Something Big in the Northeast



Long to Short

Hints. Below is a hint for each of the 8 clues above.

#1. Body Shop
#2. Club Spotlight
#3. Legion Profile
#4. Commentary on this year in running
#5. Legion Profile
#6. A Race
#7. Name of columnist who most likely penned an article about this topic
#8. What Bruce did

How many can you guess? One, two, all eight? Feel free to share your guesses by leaving a comment here or on our social media channels. Have fun and don’t take it too seriously.

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Can’t wait until issue 27 is released, click here to check out issue 26.

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  1. No images for #6, yet somehow I have a guess.

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