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by Dave Dunham

Joe Gray en route to victory. Photo by Scott Mason.

I’ve updated all of the history of the Mt Washington road race including all-time lists, state records, team records, and just about anything you can think of. If you don’t see a stat on the blog send me an email and I’ll figure it out. No trivia about the race is too small for me.

Check out the Mount Washington Road Race records blog at

Some highlights from this year’s race:

State Records Set:

AL         1:06:34  Josh Whitehead   36
CO        58:15     Joseph Gray       31
CT        1:20:35  Kerri Lyons         26

Single age records Set:

Dobson moving up the final wall. Photo by Scott Mason.

47         Laura Haefeli    1:17:00
62         Jacqueline Gareau 1:42:11
64         Rebecca Stockdale-Wooley   1:39:22
49         Simon Guitierrez  1:04:02
51         Dave Dunham     1:11:35
55         Mark Reeder       1:16:58
64         Keith Woodward  1:28:28
80         John Howe         2:13:29
95         George Etzweiler  3:28:41

Team Records Set:

M 50+   2015      CMS                  6:17:33
W Open 2015      Team Colorado   3:44:13

Close calls

Second fastest ever 5:17:36 Team Colorado Male Open (trailing only Team CO’s CR)
Second fastest ever 4:44:17 CSU    Female Seniors

Top 10 finishes

Simon Gutierrez moved into a tie for first with 15 top 10 finishes (ties Woodward and Dunham)
Brandy Erholtz moved into a tie for second with 8 top 10 finishes (ties Donna Smyers) trails Suzy West who has 9

Brandy Erholtz is one of the favorites coming into the 2015 race. Courtesy of SNAPacidotic.

Top 5 finishes

Joe Gray moved into a tie for seventh most top five finishes with 6 (ties with Gary Crossan and Craig Fram)

Top times

Kim Dobson 11th fastest time ever
Joseph Gray 2nd fastest ever trailing only Jonathan Wyatt (56:41 – 2004)

Sub 1:10

Simon Gutierrez moves into a tie for 4th with 14 sub 1:10 finishes

Sub 1:05

Simon Gutierrez moves into a tie for 1st (with Dave Dunham) with 13 sub 1:05 finishes
Joseph Gray moves into a tie for 5th with 7 sub 1:05 finishes (trailing Dunham, Gutierrez, Blake, and Hodge)

Sub 1:02

Joseph Gray moves into 2nd with 5 sub 1:02 finishes, trailing only Eric Blake (8 sub 1:02)

Sub 1:15 women

Kim Dobson moves into 3rd with three sub 1:15’s

Sub 1:20 women

Brandy Erholtz and Laura Haefeli are now tied with seven sub 1:20 finishes



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