Falmouth 2015: The Top Women

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Nukuri breaking the tape, courtesy of Joe Navas.

Diane Nukuri won the 2015 Falmouth Road Race in 36:47. Nukuri ran in a pack contenders early on including Sarah Hall, Sentayehu Ejigu and Amy Cragg. That trio would go on to finish 2nd, 3rd and 5th, respectively. Crashing that party was Neely Gracey, who came in 4th (37:32).

As you can see from the results shot above (featuring the top 25 women from the race) that Massachusetts was well represented. More specifically, the top ten MA women are singled out:

Although that includes just about all of the high ranking local finishers, it is missing a couple of key ones. Amy Cragg and Katie DiCamillo are both based out of RI and both ran quite well. Amy was 5th overall in 37:53 while Katie was 16th in 40:14, just behind Hilary Dionne who ran a 40:06 (oh so close to breaking that 40 min barrier!).

Sara Hall congratulates Diane Nukuri after the race, courtesy of Joe Navas.

Laura Nagel is another name worth mentioning as the former PC star ran a 38:20 and finished 8th. It’s weird to write about her without it including a win and a course record, but that streak was bound to end sometime.

Top masters woman Kara Haas, courtesy of Joe Navas.

Finally, we have to point out the race that Kara Haas ran. Kara was not only the top masters woman, but she was also 24th overall and the 10th finisher from MA. How incredible is that? Kara ran a 44:13, but you might also recognize the name of the finisher right behind her. That’s right…in 25th place and less than 20 seconds behind Kara was none other than Joan Benoit Samuelson. At 58 years young she was within striking distance of the masters title at this prestigious race.

Joe Navas, photographer extraordinaire and (luckily for us) Level Renner contributor, was on the lead truck and got some amazing shots of the race. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Falmouth Road Race 8.16.15 Navas Nukuri press conference
  • Falmouth Road Race 8.16.15 Navas Pagano Dinius
  • Falmouth Road Race 8.16.15 Navas Nukuri Hall Cragg pack ocean
  • Falmouth Road Race 8.16.15 Navas Nukuri Hall Cragg lead pack
  • Falmouth Road Race 8.16.15 Navas Nukuri big lead
  • Falmouth Road Race 8.16.15 Navas Matthews

Find some more great shots by Joe here on his Facebook album, and be sure to check out his other work at Organic Photography.

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