Bretton Woods Quick Report

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The Bretton Woods Fell Race, the final stop in the 2015 USATF-NE Mountain Series was this morning. Here’s a quick report of what went down. More details to come…

Short course winner Freddi Pare humbly added: “Felt kind of wimpy doing the short race but I thought it was all I had in me today. I started to run the rest of the long course for fun and views but ended up coming down in a four wheeler with a girl who snapped her ankle. Eek.” No shame in running the short course, especially on that mountain!

**Update: In the pre-race standings, Todd Callaghan and Matt Veiga were 1-2 with 562 and 551 pts each, respectively. They each had 6 races under their belt (top six score). What we failed to see was Drew Best in 7th place with 491 pts…on only 5 races. With Drew’s 3rd place score today, he should easily be the series champ for 2015. The win today for Leslie O’Dell should be enough to easily give her the series win. She was in 2nd coming in, but only because she had 5 scoring events to the leader’s 6.

Originally we had this for the men’s series standings… We’ll have to see if Veiga ran well enough to overtake Callaghan for the overall series win. It’ll be close, but unless Matt had a HUGE lead on Todd (which is unlikely since Todd got 2nd), then Todd should be the series champ. But we know now that was wrong. It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong, I guess we’re huge.

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