Chicago Marathon Highlights

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Jason Ayr was on the scene in the Windy City, supporting his speedy girlfriend Stephanie Wilson and also live Tweeting for the Level. Here’s a recap of what you missed:

Maybe Rod doesn’t want his mug up on the Level since he DNF’d, but he ran a tough race and also played it smart. Rod posted on FB:

I am ok. Had to stop at 17. Too much pain from the hernia. Pace felt good. Stride began to change. The bravado of finishing despite injurious pain is never a smart idea. Pace felt good. Time for surgery then some regrouping. Sorry to those who were rooting for me to get it done.

Amazing that he even tried running it with a hernia! Although many people reading this no doubt will put it all on the line to finish, we tend to agree with Rod’s assessment here.

Some notable/familiar New England finishers…

Ethan Shaw (MA) – 2:19:33, 19th overall
Teague O’Connor (VT) – 2:24:31
Mike Danaher (NH) – 2:32:26
Jason Reilly (RI) – 2:34:04
Ian Neill (MA) – 2:33:25
Tim Harder (MA) – 2:34:40
Manuel Gonzalez (MA) – 2:35:20
Ryan Miller (CT) – 2:37:45
Eric Mendoza (MA) – 2:39:09
Dave Counts (MA) – 3rd in his 45-49 AG in 2:42:13
Alex Eld (MA) – 2:50:56
Anthony Crudale (RI) – 2:52:26
Paul Crochiere (MA) – 4th in his 55-59 AG in 2:57:04

Rachel Hyland (MA) – 2:41:26, 17th woman and 5th in 25-29 AG
Stephanie Wilson (MA) – 2:51:38
Erin Chalat (ME) – won her 50-54 AG in 3:03:08
Maddy Hribar (MA) – 3:17:15
Maura Adams (NH) – 3:18:00
Barbara Powell (MN) – 3:25:33
Karin Lee George (MA) – 3:32:23, and 22nd in her 50-54 AG
Meaghan Malboeuf (VT) – 3:38:54
Tricia King (CT) – 8th in her 55-59 AG in 3:41:23

All those tweets were courtesy of Jason Ayr, and here he is with Steph Wilson after her big new PR of 2:51:38.

Speaking of PR’s, Barbara Powell ran a 3:25:33 on the same day that we published her story on the Twin Cities Marathon.

More to come on this race!

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