Expensive Running Shoes Do Not Make a Runner More Satisfied

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by Jens Jakob Andersen

Runners spend a lot of money on running shoes due to the many miles we log, but are some running shoes better for us than others?

RunRepeat.com, a review aggregator of running shoes, looked at almost 135,000 reviews of running shoes across 24 brands looking at 391 specific running shoes. The results are surprising.

First and foremost we must say that higher prices leads to higher expectations, which of course will explain some of the results of the study.

From the numbers RunRepeat.com found that the 10 most affordable running shoes got 8,1% better ratings than the 10 most expensive ones. Though if you look at the top 10 most expensive shoes you will notice that most of these are very unique shoes that most often are flagship models to send a statement.

The top performing brand was (to our big surprise) Skechers. At the bottom were New Balance, Adidas and Reebok.

All results can be found here: http://runrepeat.com/expensive-running-shoes-are-not-better-than-more-affordable-running-shoes-study.

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