BU Mini Meet #3

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The third and final BU Mini Meet took place this past Saturday. The label ‘Mini’ might be a little misleading though. There were 7 sections of the 3000m, 14 for the 800m, and a whopping 20 for the mile. Twenty! Team Unattached dominated the event, sweeping every place in every event.

Zachary Camp and MaryBeth Rockett were cream of the crop in the 800, running 1:52.72 and 2:15.82, respectively.

Ben Fazio won a tight mile race (in the glorious Level singlet) with a 4:11.19. There were three high school runners in that heat, all from the powerhouse Lasalle Academy (Providence, RI). Teammates Jack Salisbury (4:12.43), Matt Bouthillette (4:12.65) and then David Principe Jr (4:15.41) took spots 3rd through 5th. It’s incredible to think that DJ would be the third best miler on his team when he placed 17th at Nike Cross Nationals (3rd in the Northeast region). It’s no wonder Lasalle won the state and New England XC titles last fall. We should note that Bouthillette placed 5th and Salisbury 14th in that regional meet, so they clearly are no slouches either.

David Principe Sr ran a 4:58.46 a few sections later, placing 6th in his heat. DJ is clearly a rising star, but the old man still has some wheels!

Megan Krumpoch ended up being the fastest woman, but since the heats were all mixed she ended up being the only woman in her heat and finished 4th. In fact, out of the 20 heats, there only appears to have been one other woman and it wasn’t even close between the two.

Also in the mile was Eric Macknight, who showed off his Wild Endurance after dropping a 2:04.99 earlier in the 800. After his 4:31.92, it looks like e’s recovered from his marathon in Philly.

Finally we turn to the 3,000m, which no doubt saw a little boost from being the indoor track event of the All Terrain Runner Series for 2016.

Running away with the 3,000m win was Nick Ross of NE Distance. Nick ran a new PR of 8:07.54 and was comfortably out in front of the field. Coming in second was Andy Pitts (New Balance Boston) who also ran a new PR of 8:22.63.

Now we don’t know exactly who’s entered the ATR fray just yet since they all have to submit their times on their own, but looking ahead to the next heat we see that the 2015 ATR champion Scott Leslie (CMS) ran an 8:51.24 and finished just ahead of New Balance runner Abbey D’Agostino (8:51.88). As of yet though, Scott is not in the standings. Currently sitting atop the standings is another guy who ran that day…Dave Dunham.

Dunham ran a 10:13.76 and finished second in section 5. Section 5 ended up being the section of the ATR leaders since Heather Mahoney finished a few spots after Dave in 10:17.67 and she currently sits atop the women’s ATR leaderboard. Now we also noticed that Heather has a big capital ‘M’ next her name in the results and Heather is a woman, so we’re going to have to retract our earlier statement about there only being two women in the mile. Was relying on that whole M/W distinction, but that doesn’t appear to be accurate now.

Plenty of time for that to change though, between all the upcoming meets and all the runners in the 7 heats at BU who may or may not submit their times.

Full results

ATR Standings

Pics by Scott Mason Photo

  • BU Mini Meet #3 2016.01.02 Mason Leslie
  • BU Mini Meet #3 2016.01.02 Mason Macknight
  • BU Mini Meet #3 2016.01.02 Mason O’Dell II
  • BU Mini Meet #3 2016.01.02 Mason Principe
  • BU Mini Meet #3 2016.01.02 Mason Rapaport
  • BU Mini Meet #3 2016.01.02 Mason Ross
  • BU Mini Meet #3 2016.01.02 Mason Krumpoch
  • BU Mini Meet #3 2016.01.02 Mason Kibler Principe Fazio
  • BU Mini Meet #3 2016.01.02 Mason Dunham McNatt
  • BU Mini Meet #3 2016.01.02 Mason Costello D’Agostino
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