2016 Goals From an Elite

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After putting together a race report of my own that went beyond the race and looked at goals for the upcoming year (and also back in the past a little), I found it especially interesting to read this goal-oriented piece by Nate Jenkins. Definitely worth a read:

2016 Goals

I have odd goals.  Most often they are process goals or things that are not well defined.  Yet in terms of the big goals I have accomplished almost all the things I dreamed of.  They just haven’t had the some of the side effects I assumed they would have.  That said each year I have goals that I envision myself accomplishing for the year. This is what I’m hoping to do this year.

Process Goals

I have not averaged 100 miles a week for a full year since I started teaching full time.  So 2012 was the last time.  I would like to average a 100 miles a week or more this year.

 To achieve the above goal I will need to go to Yoga as often as possible.  I will aim for an average of once a week, understanding in the summer I will try for more like 3 times a week and I know during the school year there will be weeks that I miss.
  I want to do a lot of long fundamental, fast, paced long runs.  So 30k to 40k or more at say at least under 5:50.
  I want to actively be training, not just running.
  I want to be doing exercises to improve my coordination every day.

Outcome Goals

 complete a competitive marathon effort
 Set a PR in a major distance- I haven’t set one in a legit distance since August of 2010 and if I don’t set some soon it is getting pretty unlikely I will again. My current best’s are 4:13, 8:08, 13:56, 29:32, 1:03:44, 2:14:56.  My lifetime goals were sub 8:00, sub 14:00, sub 29:00, Sub 1:03 and Sub 2:10- So If I can get a PR I’m also very close to getting some more life goals.
 Win a big check.  I have never won a race that used one of those over sized checks for a photo after.  This is one of my few remaining lifetime running goals that I haven’t achieved.  Need to get this done.
  Run a 5k under 15mins in a race I have run at least one 5k under 15 in a race every calendar year since 2003.  That is 13 straight years.  One of my life goals is to get 20 straight years. My slowest year in the streak was 2003, 14:56 at the New England Collegiate indoor track championship, in the B heat.  My fastest was 13:56 indoors in 2010.
  Run a 5 mile ore 8k under 25mins in a race I have run sub 25 in a race at least once every year since 2004,  I would like to go for 20 years on this streak as well.  Obviously I’m a long way from that but I can only get one year at a time. My slowest year was 24:44 in 2009, My fastest was 23:26 in 2006.
 Run more half marathons, 2 or 3 more before the year is out. I have only lost coordination in one half since 2013 and it wasn’t too bad in that one.  I want to take advantage of this and get in some more races.  My half in Jacksonville was disappointing but it was my fastest since 2012.  I know I can do better but I need to race to make that happen.
 Run a sub 30:00 10k. I love sub 30 10k’s.  Particularly on the road.  To me THE road distance is the 10k.  I have only run sub 30 a handful of times.  I have also run a few times of 30:00 or 30:01.  I really just take a lot of pride in sub 30 10k’s.  I look back on everyone with some pride.  I’d like to add to the list.
Be top 10 at the Cow Harbor 10k.  This is one of my favorite races in the world.  I have run there every year except one since 2008.  I have been top 10 in all but two of those years, in 2009 I was just back from the world champs and not recovered yet and last year I was very not fit.  I’m back in some form and I want to keep running well there.  I love the race.  I love the course.  I love the people.  I love the awards ceremony, one of only two races I can say that about.  Also this races gives out a big check to the winner so a great race here could knock two things off this list, actually three because…
 Win a unique or interesting prize.  I love races that give something very different out.  I do trav’s trail every year they give out cool handmade pottery coffee mugs.  Cow Harbor gives out Bulova watches to the top 2 finishers.  I’m totally open to suggestions on this one.  I have seen races that give out a trip to someplace- perhaps the best prize ever.  Or a bike- that would be awesome.  So if you know a race that gives an awesome prize let me know because I would love to take a crack at it. – No Jim Johnson the feeling of wanting to die on upper walking boss or ‘the wall’ at the top of Washington does not qualify as an awesome prize I am interested in winning.
 Win the men’s race in a race that Melissa wins the women’s race.  We did this once where Melissa won the women’s 5k and I won the 10k for men.  But mostly we don’t do too many of the same races and often when we do they are super competitive so one of us doesn’t win.  As an extension I would really love to finish first and second overall in a race with Melissa that would be really cool.
We also recommend that you go back and read Nate’s previous entry about his half marathon in Jacksonville. You’ll be hard pressed to find such an in-depth, detailed look at a race.
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