Mind Games w/ Legs

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This article originally appeared on Robyn and Rachel Run.

Much like (I imagine) a parent must sometimes negotiate with a child to get him or her to do something unwanted, I sometimes find myself engaging in a silent battle with my legs before a long run or hard workout.

“Are you excited for 4×1000 today?” I ask them.

“I guess,” they say, “but don’t you just want to keep watching Scandal?”

“But you’re wearing your favorite socks and your tights are keeping you warm. You look good!” I try to convince them.

“Okay, but let’s take the warm up easy.”

We start out slowly, per their demand, but soon we’re moving at a decent clip (perhaps due to the socks). “Warm up’s over, are you ready?”

They react as I ask them to, steadily speeding up. They widen with each length of earth that they travel. I can feel them contract and stretch, react. They are powerful.

“But,” they protest, “what about that pain in your hip? Shouldn’t we be careful? Maybe we should slow down.”

“Believe in yourselves. Remember all the exercises you’ve been doing to get stronger,” I reply.

The first rep is done and recovery feels sweet. Soon they’re itching for more.

“Where are you taking us!?” they scream as we briefly lose balance on the icy road, turning a corner.

“Can we take it easy up this hill? We’re almost done with this rep anyways.” I refuse. They do as I bid.

Last rep. Time (and we) have flown by. “Don’t settle,” I urge them. “What else is in there?” I see my pace slowly creeping below 7 minutes. We hit the mark and take a second to celebrate.

“You know, that wasn’t so bad,” they concede. “We felt good. It was fun. Can we do more? Again?”

“Not now,” I tell them. “Remember this feeling and bring it back out for April. It’s still early anyways. But since you had so much fun, how about a 5 mile tempo during our long run in a few days?”

“What about Scandal on Netflix?” they plead.

They’re right. As we finish up and head back to the car, I know that we’ll have this conversation again on Saturday, and many more days throughout my training. But I know they’ll come through.

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