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Aerolife Launching their Running and Cycling Backpack on

Aerolife® is a maker and retailer of lightweight backpacks in support of the running community. Their latest backpack has been released on Amazon.

Aerolife@ began as a group of running enthusiasts who were developing and modifying their own equipment in order to make their activity more enjoyable and easier on the body. Today this family-owned company is selling a style of sports backpacks that they believe will provide cyclists and runners with both a lightweight method of carrying their supplies, but also hydrating them on long trips.

The Aerolife@ backpack is an adjustable, lightweight, waterproof backpack that contains a 1.5 liter TPU hydration bladder. Aerolife believes that this backpack is exactly what runners and cyclists have been looking for.


“I am a long-distance runner and cyclist,” says spokesperson Nath. “I could never find any good options for bringing enough water along.” The problem with most backpacks is that they don’t sit right on the body, they don’t breathe, and end up doing more harm than good which is why most people don’t bring them on long trips or runs. We made something that’s lightweight, fits the body without sweating you out, and uses a bladder to keep the water evenly distributed,” says Designer Michelle.

The backpack has been tested on distance runs and races before being released on Amazon to ensure that it would provide equal weight distribution and adequate hydration. Results from the field have been overwhelmingly positive and early bird purchasers have given the product mostly five star reviews from both: cyclists, runners and hikers.

“This pack has become my husband’s partner in crime. He spends a lot of time in the woods and is a Bigfoot researcher. Most bags are too large and bulky. This is the perfect size and has the hydration pack. The running even allow him to take his jacket off and not have to carry it. His favorite part is the handy pockets on the straps and that they lock – his pack no longer bounces around when he is hiking!” -ThePalmettoQueen Amazon reviewer.

“This Running and Cycling Backpack Aerolife® with Water Bladder is a great addition to my cycling. I had been wanting on but had hoped to get one from my girlfriend but had to buy one. This pack and bladder works great.”- Arsenio Alfaro

The backpack is durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. The company wanted to keep the price low for the holiday season and is selling it at an affordable $28.55 for a limited time through Amazon stores. For more information visit their website at:

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