Rare 3201-Meter Race at GBTC Invite

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Well we did mention the possibility of some fast performances being thrown down for the All-Terrain 3k at the GBTC Invite – and don’t get us wrong that did happen. Only caveat, however, was that the laps were miscounted for the Invitational Section of the women’s event and most of the field wound up racing an extra lap! On Harvard’s old-school 220yd track, that equates to 3201 meters worth of running with the additional 220yd (approx. 201.16 meters) lap! Didn’t know there was a such race distance. Guess all those who ran 16 laps could call it a newly attained personal best seeing as they’ve probably never ran a 3201m in their life!

Anyways, the 3k en-route times were taken down as the “official” results seeing as F.A.T timing can take photos of each athlete every lap. Reigning USATF-NE Runner of the Year Katie Misuraca (BAA) lead the way with a 10’17.00 – she later would cruise that extra lap for a 10’56 “two mile”. A large group consisting of Kate Messina, Amory Salem, Rebecca Snelson, Heather Mahoney, and master’s sensation Kara Haas would fill the 2nd through 5th spots all in the 10’20-21 range. But Kara would be the one to place 2nd with the extra lap as she hammered past three runners in that extra lap. But had the bell rung, Kara would’ve timed her kick a lap earlier and seen the 2nd place finish on paper along with a few seconds quicker for her 3k! Kara’s 3201 meter time was around 10’58 give or take. Not sure if we can call it a fair deal, but we’re gonna shout out her performance as she did lay it all on the track in that mistaken last lap (and look quite impressive doing so). Mike Giberti caught the whole thing on camera – check it out below:


That was the only real mishap on the day thankfully. There were tons of fast races and we’ve got loads more coverage headed your way. Stay tuned for more videos and recaps of what turned out to be a fantastic day of racing at Harvard.

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