RunRepeat Analyzes the Prices of 183,911 Pairs of Running Shoes

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Our friends at RunRepeat recently completed a comprehensive (as in nearly 200,000 running shoes) study on the prices of running shoes. The results are interesting and will likely spark discourse and debate within the running community. See the infographic below for a synopsis. Click here for the complete study.

Here are some selected conclusions from the study:

1) Save 19.36% ($14.50) by buying last year’s version of the running shoe model.
2) The more arch support you request, the more expensive the running shoe is.
3) Competition shoes are 17.01% ($13.22) cheaper than every day running shoes.
4) The worse the reviews of a running shoe, the higher the discount.
5) Running shoes are $5.60 more expensive for every ounce heavier it is.


To Read the Complete Analysis from RunRepeat, Click here.

In the rest of the article, you will find interesting information such as:

  1. Which brands are most discounted
  2. Where to find the biggest discounts
  3. Where to find the largest selection of brands
  4. The relationship between cushioning and cost
  5. And much, much more…

Thank you to RunRepeat for conducting this study.


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