May/June 2013 : Issue 14

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Nobody could’ve predicted that the May/June issue would take on the shape and content that it did. Even with minimal advertisements (none in our Boston tribute section-to do anything else would’ve seemed inappropriate to us), this is our largest publication ever at 44 pages but, of course, that accomplishment is softened due to what contributed to its length. Inside this issue, we have attempted to provide a respectful tribute to the 117th Boston Marathon. After that tribute, the regular issue commences.

May/June 2013
Issue 14

Table of Contents

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  • Boston Marathon Tribute Section  pgs 2-11
  • The Warm-up   pg 14
    • Editor’s Note
  • Letters   pg 15
    • Electronic Epistles
  • Lane 1: Performance   pg 17
    • Marathon Recovery by Lesley Hocking
    • 10k Ladder by Mike Gauvin
  • Lane 2: Body Shop   pg 19
  • Lane 3: Nutrition   pg 21
    • Comfort Food by Kathy Ireland
  • Legion Profiles   pg 22
    • Bottomley
    • Murphy
    • Haringa
    • Gravel
  • Club Spotlight   pg 28
    • NBB by Dan Green
  • Featured Event   pg 30
    • Boston Marathon by Scott Mason & Kevin Balance
  • HSR Update   pg 34
    • GPS #8 by Tresa Casaletto
  • Lane 4: Commentary   pg 35
  • Level Art   pg 40
    • Spikes by RYAN
  • Lane 5: Fiction   pg 42
    • We Were Awesome by Ray Charbonneau
  • The Cool Down pg 43
    • Learn the Legion


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