Mahoney Covers All Terrains

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Eric Ashe won a close race over Jake Sienko at the Steel Rail Half Marathon on Sunday in Lanesboro, MA. Ashe (BAA) came through the line in 1:09:43, while Sienko (NE Distance) was a few ticks back in 1:09:47.

Craig Coon was third in 1:10:56 followed by Chris Mahoney in 1:13:17. In this video here you can see there was a pretty tight pack early on in the race before Ashe and Sienko got away.


Apryl Sabadosa (WMDP) was the women’s champ in 1:21:31 while her teammate Abby Mahoney was next in 1:25:14. Jackie Lemme rounded out the podium in 1:28:31.

Gotta get one more good look at Chris Mahoney, seen here finishing up strong in his Level Renner singlet:


Shout out to the videographer, Heather Mahoney, who ran a 38:51 at the Battle Road TC Twilight Meet the night before. In doing so, Heather kept the All Terrain Runner Series quite close. The latest standings show her in a close second with a total of 286.37 points (to Ginger Reiner’s 286.82). We should probably note that Heather set a “Personal record (for number of bugs ingested in a race)”. Keep up the good work! We’ll be digging into those ATR Series results/standings a little more.

Battle Road TC Twilight 2016.05.21 Mason O'Dell Mahoney

O’Dell (L) and Mahoney (R) duke it out for the coveted series points.

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