Gale Force Wins

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Scrolling through Twitter last weekend I saw a tweet from weeks ago featuring Colton Gale winning a race:

Awesome! Didn’t know he did that. Then I thought ‘wait, didn’t he have another big win recently?’ While looking for that I came across this:

Yeah, so he also won the Battle of Bunker Hill Road Race on June 12th (16:25 for 5k). Having lived in Charlestown for a few years myself, I know how much they like their road race. It was always fun hearing the guys in the barbershop talk about how dominate that “Schmekpeeper guy” was (Ben Schmeckpeper, a BAA guy who won it several times before moving to Chicago).

And then, of course, was the big one that made go back and look through all the results: Traprock…

Colton ran 4:15:01 for 50k FTW. Colton has been on a roll lately and we were due to give him some time in the spotlight for it. Keep it up Colton!

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