Big Day for Pelletier, Whirlaway in North Andover

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Matt Pelletier shattered the old 10k course record and Whirlaway runners picked up the 5k wins at the North Andover 4th of July Road Races.

Jacob Johns had set the mark of 33:17 only last year, when he won the race for the second consecutive time. This year he ran a 34:50, which most years would’ve been good enough for a win, and only got third! Pelletier rolled through the line in a blistering 31:24, followed by former UMass Lowell standout Eric McDonald in 32:48.

There is a significant climb in the first mile (Big Johnson), and Pelletier broke it open with a downhill push just after that. Pelletier explains it all in our EXCLUSIVE post-race (but mid-cool down) interview:


For the ladies, the Carons crowded the podium. 56 year old Nina Caron won the race outright in 39:26. Not only did she best female competitors of all ages, but she also placed 15th overall. Very, very impressive. Cindy Nicolau was next in 40:45 followed by Evelyn Caron in 41:44. According to the Eagle Tribune write up, the Carons are sisters, but both are listed as 56 so…twins? No matter the link, they both ran remarkably well.

In the 5k, it was all Whirlaway. Sam Fazioli ran away from the field early on and hung on for the ‘W’ in 16:28. He pushed it up Big Johnson (fast enough to take the crown for that Strava segment) and kept the foot on the gas after that. Interestingly enough, 3rd place finisher Josh Perks was the former holder of that title…and he took it from EJN (4th in the 10k).

Katrina Martyn was also rep’d Whirlaway quite well in winning what was the closest race of the day. Kristin Shaw was hot on her heels, but Katrina was able to get just enough of a cushion to have it in hand by the time she hit the common again. Final times: 20:03 for Martyn and 20:21 for Shaw.

Some highlights from the races…

Start of the 10k showing Pelletier, McDonald and Johns surging up Big Johnson:

Matty P trying desperately to catch the NAPD lead ATV:

EJN and Mark LaRosa duking it out for 4th place and top North Andover resident…at least that’s what EJN thought was happening only to find out that Jacob Johns is an NA resident and finished in 3rd place.

In the 5k, here’s Sam Fazioli breaking in the big Milk St stretch for the rest of the field:

And finally we got a nice shot of 5k champions and Whirlaway teammates Sam Fazioli and Katrina Martyn:

Check out full results here, and also check out the link to the Channel 7 news feature (below). Matt Pelletier might’ve gotten the win, but EJN’s bright new LVL singlet stole the show.

North Andover celebrates July 4 with road races

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