Elemental Runner

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Back in our Jan/Feb 2016 issue, Ray Charbonneau provided the text and Allison Lynch provided the artwork for dual pieces entitled “Elemental.” Lynch’s art is “Runner” as it might appear on the periodic table of elements. It includes both the elemental parts of “Runner” and the elemental parts of nature that we all face. Charbonneau’s poem (found below Lynch’s image) also explores the “elemental” side of running.



All the best runners are master alchemists

Adepts of using the Philosopher’s Stone

To transmute base miles into gold

Metamorphosing as needed

To flow liquidly downhill, or

Ascend ethereally, wafting on the breezes

The rest of the time as solid as the ground they stride across

Until it’s time to burn
More of Ray Charbonneau’s words can be found online at Y42K.com. Allison Lynch can be found @allison4congres.


To read more of the Jan/Feb 2016 issue, click here.

To read from our current issue, click here.


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