Sept/Oct 2016 : Issue 34

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Run on the ground. Welcome to the Sept/Oct issue of the underground. Lots of great stuff in this issue with articles on all things running: performance, health, racing news, witty commentary, and, of course, athlete profiles. As always, the digital copy of the magazine is free, but if you would like to purchase a hard copy you may do so via the hp MagCloud site. In either medium, get reading and tell your running buddies to do the same. Anybody can subscribe to this magazine, and it’s free-just click here.

Formatting note: you can now read the magazine without downloading it. Simply scroll down and after the Table of Contents and before the list of advertisers, you will find our latest issue. Also, we have upgraded the resolution of the magazine so it might take a moment or two longer than usual to download-but it’ll be worth the wait! Last thing: the Table of Contents page is now hyperlinked to take you directly to the article you want to read.

September/October 2016

issue XXXIV

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Issue 34

Table of Contents
The Warm-up
Editor’s Note
Level Communications
Electronic Epistles
In Memoriam
A Tribute to Rich Stiller by Bruce Mihalick
Lane 1: Performance
Complex Training by Nate Jenkins
Lane 2: Body Shop
Yoga by Ian and Amanda Nurse
Lane 3: Nutrition
Banana Muffins by Kathy Ireland
Lane 4: Gear
Independent Running Stores by Charlotte Firth Walsh
Legion Profiles
Sam Fazioli
Heather Cappello
Steve Brightman
Maureen Lamie
Club Spotlight
The Shamrock Running Club
Lane 5: Commentary
 Vacation Running by Muddy
How Planning a Wedding Is like Training for a Marathon by Chrissy Horan
Citius, Altius, Fortius by Anna Tomasulo
Crewing the VT 100 by Fiona Murphy
By the Numbers: Mountain Racing & Mountain Goats by Timothy Paul Smith
Creative Pages
Superhuman Runners by Allison Lynch
Poetry & Music by Ray Charbonneau
Cartoon by Terry Wynne
The Cooldown
Learn the Legion

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Advertisers in this Issue
Run 4 Kerri
Gansett Half Marathon
Beeze Tees
Martha’s Vineyard Marathon
Massachusetts Run/Walk to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer
Lone Gull 10K
3C Race Productions
Mount Desert Island Marathon
BQ Chat
Loco Races

YMCA of Metro North Half Marathon
Edaville Rail Run
Bird Park Trail Race
USATF-NE All Terrain Runner
Charles River Running
Somerville 5K
Bobby Bell Road Race
Kids Road Races

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One Response to Sept/Oct 2016 : Issue 34

  1. Kieran says:

    After reading Anna Tomasulo’s “Citius, Altius, Fortius?” commentary piece, I had to point out one significant detail. The Olympic 10000m does not have trial and semi-final heats, like the 1500, allowing athletes to run “fresh”. This is more conducive to fast times, although certainly no guarantee that the race won’t be tactical. In order to run only one 1500m final, you would need to have dozens of athletes on the track (not practical for such a short, fast event), or make the qualifying standard much faster. I’d rather keep the heats so that more athletes have a shot at the podium.

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