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A couple of quick nuggets of interest on this beautiful Thursday morning…

A couple of fleets of crowded, sweaty, smelly vans descended on Hampton Beach this past weekend to celebrated the reaching of the beach by a whole lot of runners. Level Legion had some strong representation at Reach the Beach yet again and here are some results that we caught wind of:

Six03 Copper – 28:40:59, 87th overall and 1st in the mysterious TBA category
Six03 White – 28:51:24, 95th overall and 2nd in TBA
Wait for Us – 28:53:04, 100th overall, 11th sub masters…but they were the first men’s ultra team in that category!
Six03 Black – 28:54:15, 102nd overall and 3rd in TBA

In case you couldn’t tell, the three Six03 themed teams represented…wait for it…Six03! Jim Johnson was reportedly rocking the Level buff, in between crushing legs and hobnobbing with the likes of Nick Symmonds.

Photo courtesy of Glen Hartford, style courtesy of John Gorman (2nd from right).

The ‘Wait For Us’ squad was a Borderline Running Club crew based out of North Andover, MA. The ‘ultra’ designation meant that 6 guys ran 6 legs apiece instead of the standard 3. Thanks to John Gorman for representing and kudos on that racking up so many miles on so little sleep!

And finally we have a middle school cross country coaching announcement. We do many of these, do we? This must be huge then…

North Attleboro Middle School has hired Olympian Kim Smith as their XC coach. Yes, this Kim Smith:

Lucky kids, eh? Don’t be surprised to hear of some fast kids coming out of there in subsequent years. My question is: how many adults will try to pose as kids to get some Olympic-caliber coaching on the cheap?Tough economy, gotta save money anyway you can! Thanks to Mike Atwood for the heads up.

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