Hearts Broken, Titles Taken at Lone Gull

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On their trip to Gloucester for the Lone Gull 10k, the Heartbreakers put on their most impressive show we’ve seen so far. En-route to their first Men’s Team victory in club history, the newly minted Heartbreakers stole five of the top 15 spots, including the overall winners on both the men’s and women’s side. Their top gal Rachel Sorna also raised the bar by 14 seconds for a new women’s course record of 34 minutes, 30 seconds. Sorna edged out a strong Heather Cappello by a tight three seconds as she locked up her second consecutive Grand Prix title. In doing so Rachel also picked up another 10 series points which just might be enough to lock up the overall individual Grand Prix title for her.

The men’s team win was backed by overall champ Louis Serafini (1st – 30’23), John Phillips (6th – 30’59), John Schilkowski (10th – 31’32), Serafini’s roommate David Melly (14th – 31’47), and AIC alum Conor Cashin (15th – 31’49). Lou, like Rachel, also earned a big 10 series points and secured the individual Grand Prix title for himself for the second year in a row. We managed to get some camera time with these top runners. Have a look at the interviews of your 2016 USATF-NE Road 10k Champions below:

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story contained a reference to Rachel’s win at Seasons 20k where she ran with her fiancé. It’s addressed in the comments below, but we’ll state it here too: we screwed up. If something like that is even going to be included, more context is needed so the reader understands the situation and intent. But that detail wasn’t really relevant to the story and wasn’t very flattering to Rachel, and for that we apologize.

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2 Responses to Hearts Broken, Titles Taken at Lone Gull

  1. Rachel Sorna says:

    “managed to string together a fantastic effort without the help of her fiancee”

    Although I think this was meant to be a compliment, I actually find it to be an incredibly offensive statement.

    I like this website, and appreciate the coverage it provides to runners in our area, but this article, and what it implies about me and my abilities as a female runner, is not professional, does nothing to support me or honor my achievement, and is, all together, very disappointing.

    • EJN says:

      You are right, we were wrong. Nothing malicious was meant by the wording, but I can see now that the end result can pretty easily be read as an offensive statement. In the interest of getting things out in a timely fashion, sometimes corners are cut and in this case the editing process was rather hasty. It in no way reflects our views of you and your abilities. On behalf of Level Renner, please accept my sincere apology. We will do better going forward. We have to do better.

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