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The official USATF-NE Iron Runners list is out, and Dave Dunham has once again provided some excellent detail on how they all did. One thing I never thought I’d say regarding this prestigious list: my name appears on it. I’ve always had respect for it but was never able to put it together. Seven races spread out throughout the year is a lot to take on. Even if you successfully navigate the personal life minefield that is chock full of family and work commitments you’re still going to need to be healthy enough to line up on race day. Yeah, I never had much success in trying to take it on in the past.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t give it much thought, but I had made it through the first 6 races in the series and didn’t even realize I only needed the final one (the marathon) to finally attain that status. Ugh…no excuses now. I had made it this far, the date was open on the calendar, and I was pretty sure I’d be able to run it. Why not? Let’s go get a space blanket!

Manchester in the books, mission accomplished. What I find really funny about it is I can still clearly remember thinking to myself during the latter portion of the Seasons 20k that this was a brutal schedule. It wasn’t something I wanted to remember because of the toll it took (especially that tough stretch of 4 races in 6 weeks). Now I get a jacket to remember it by. Hopefully I don’t feel dehydrated and sore when I put it on. The souvenir Chicago Marathon jacket sitting in my closet commenting my surviving the race back in 2007 still radiates the excessive heat felt in the city that day. I think this Iron Runner memento could have a similar feel.

This wasn’t an easy schedule, so Iron Runners should feel proud of the accomplishment. Between the bunched up schedule and the tough course awaiting runners in Manchester for the culminating event, it was all hard-earned. Congrats to all!

Top 3 men and women listed below, with their average pace per mile for the 76 miles of racing:

Sam Fazioli – 5:38
Jason Reilly – 5:42
Eric Narcisi – 5:51

Leslie O’Dell – 6:38
Amy Bernard – 6:39
Christin Doneski – 6:42

Get all the details on Dave’s blog, with his lovely formatting (that I didn’t dare try to recreate).

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