Manchester City Marathon Raw Race Video

by Mike Giberti Comments (0) Articles, Racing

While we were providing live updates at Manchester, we managed to capture quite the large quantity of video footage. Despite a bit of a delay, we have whittled down the footage to the best quality 42 minutes we managed to capture. So whether you ran the race or not, check out our first-hand coverage! Enjoy video coverage from the start, 6 mile mark, 10 mile mark, 16 mile mark, a short shoot of the leaders going under the bridge a little after mile 22, and of course the epic finish. The content list is below.

0’00 – Start

1’05 – Mile 6 lead men

3’55 – Mile 6 lead women (Meagan Nedlo dominating!)

8’13 – Mile 10 lead men

11’00 – Mile 10 lead women (Nedlo still dominating!)

16’51 – Mile 16 lead men (Vassallo strings it out!)

19’51 – Mile 16 lead woman (Nedlo continues to hammer away with the men!)

26’08 – Aerial shot of top four men running under the Nazaire Biron bridge

28’15 – Vassallo breaks tape!

32’45 – Nedlo breaks tape!


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