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We accept the following types of submissions:

  • fiction
  • nonfiction commentary/articles
  • poetry
  • artwork/political cartoons/comic strips

General Information

All submissions must be running-based or at least related to the glorification of hard work and the prevention of wussification.  Peruse back issues to get a sense of what we publish. Fiction and commentary pieces are generally not longer than 800 words.  Our digital magazine is published six times per year and our website is updated daily. Our publication schedule is listed below. We are especially interested in artwork, political cartoons, and comic strips.  Response time varies but is usually within one week of reception.  We do not pay you for your contributions. You will, however, receive a publishing credit that will look quite nice on a resume. As a courtesy, we ask that people wishing to be published with us subscribe to our magazine. It’s free and and the form can be found on the right sidebar of this page.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submit your work in the body of your email. Attachments will not be opened. We only accept electronic submissions.
  • Make “Level Renner Submission” the subject line of your email.
  • Content must be running related.
  • We only accept unpublished works. Do not submit previously published works. Notify us if your work is published elsewhere.
  • Only submit one piece at a time. Multiple submissions will lead to multiple deletions. If you have other ideas, you can tell us in your one email-just be brief.
  • Do not contact us to check if we have received your submission. We reply to most but not all submissions. Give us time. We’re probably out running.

For fiction & poetry

  • Submit the completed final draft of your creation. You can include a 100 word maximum synopsis of your piece. Proofread your draft multiple times before sending. Typos will not be tolerated.
  • Adhere to a word count of 800. If your submission looks to be over 800, we will 86 it.

For nonfiction

  • Pitch a 100-200 word proposal of your article. The proposal should include topic and argument (your point of view on the topic). For example, one’s topic might be “GPS Watches” and one’s take might be “GPS watches have destroyed the natural rhythm of running.”  (That would be a LVL take.)
  • If you have already written the article (preferred), include your best last draft under your 100-200 word proposal.
  • Adhere to a word count of 800. If your submission looks to be over 800, we will 86 it.

For comic strips, political cartoons, & (cover) art

  • Submit a 100-200 word synopsis of your piece. Synopsis should include the title of your artwork.
  • Cartoon dimensions are 3.75 inches high by 4.00 inches wide.
  • Submit the piece in the body of an email. Remember: no attachments.

Publication timeline

  • December 1 for the Jan/Feb issue
  • Feb 1 for the Mar/Apr issue
  • April 1 for the May/Jun issue
  • June 1 for the Jul/Aug issue
  • Aug 1 for the Sept/Oct issue
  • Oct 1 for the Nov/Dec issue
  • rolling for the website (we post new content everyday)

Submit to kevbalance[at]levelrenner[dot]com.


run on the ground. read the underground. keep it on the level.



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