About Level Renner

Who is the Level Renner? What is the Level Renner? We are a digital magazine. We are a website. We are a platform for runners. We are the Level Renner. You are the Level Renner. Magazine 6 times per year. Website daily.

Our mission: To stifle the wussification of America by promoting all of the good work that runners do both on and off the roads. Our tagline: run on the ground. read the underground.

For those of you who prefer running to couches and recreational drugs, welcome to the underground.  Here’s the deal: Level Renner is a journal of (new england) running for the olde school literary athlete.  Why olde school?  Because olde school has taken on the connotation of commitment, perseverance, and sedulity.  Why literary?  Because fast runners have quick wit; we’re wicked smaht.  We pick up on sarcasm and can interpret irony.  And why is it Level Renner and not Runner?  Well, we’re not giving up that one just yet.  You’ll have to dig a little deeper into the underground to find the answer to that.

The Level Renner Magazine Skinny

  • always free
  • 6 digital magazine issues per year: Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec (subscribe for free on our sidebar)
  • serious club runner content in each issue
  • athlete profiles
  • performance, nutrition, injury prevention columns
  • commentaries on all things running
  • tips for newbies
  • running themed art house stuff (original lit, photography, artwork)
  • bits (surveys, music, rants)
  • lots of “underground” stuff that the corporate magazines are afraid to print

The Level Renner Website Skinny

  •  always free
  • breaking news reports
  • updated daily
  • race reports
  • videos of races and athlete interviews
  • gear giveaways for subscribers
  • exposes on colorful (i.e. controversial) topics
  • insights for both the recreational (new) and serious (experienced) runner
The Level is graced with the presence of some of the region’s best runners and writers.  EJN, Joe Navas, Dave Dunham, Ray Charbonneau, Lesley Hocking, Muddy, Kathy Gorman.  All these people are writers/columnists/regular contributors to Level Renner, and we’re lucky to have ’em and you’re lucky to read ’em.

The LVL was formed in a desperate attempt to fill the void left by the phenomenal running magazine known as the Hockomock Swamp Rat.

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