I Want You…To Get Out And Run Today!!

We might have to make this a rainy day tradition:

How could you resist running for this guy?

It would be on par with Van Damme Fridays. I hope Van Damme Fridays weren’t just a tradition in my old office, because those were too damn funny to not be shared with the world. Anyway, that is Dave Kanzanjian, owner of Whirlaway Sports and leader of one of the finer running squads east of the Mississippi. We met up with Dave at the Boston Marathon expo and outfitted him in a Level T-shirt, which as you can see he absolutely loved. We all had some fun with the mini-photo shoot amongst the horde of expo attendees. Right before we took it, he needed a brief moment to prepare for the trademark, signature “smile and point”…you know, get into character. It was pretty funny. Dave’s a great guy and does a lot of good for the New England running scene, and we hope to see more of him here in the future.

The Level t-shirt itself is quite amazing. It bumps you up a whole two points on the ten point scale (if you were a 6, you’d now be an 8, etc.). I’m fairly certain that if you walked into any job interview sporting that shirt, you’d not only get the job, but they’d promote you before it was over. The opposite sex will find you more attractive, you’re PR’s will drop just by touching it, and it’ll increase your chances of having a statue erected in your honor. I could go on and on, but probably shouldn’t because none of these statements have been proven…yet.

All I know is, Dave loves his new shirt!

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