Q&A With Katie DiCamillo

We had a quick Q&A via Facebook with Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler champ Katie DiCamillo.

Katie celebrating post-race

1.) I saw you go by at about Mile 3 and it looked like you already had some separation. Was there a point in the race where any other women were around you?

For the first few miles, I was with one other female runner and a big pack of men. After about 3 or so, the race started to separate and I was pretty much alone except for a few men on the course. I keyed off some of the other runners and tried to stay relaxed, I didn’t want to overdo it especially in the beginning.

2.) Was your time about what you expected to run?

My goal pace was 5:45 per mile. I was using this race as a tempo run effort so I really just wanted to feel comfortable and relaxed. I was very happy with how I did. I am training for the NYC marathon in November…so I am just working on getting in mileage and long tempo runs.

3.) What did you think of the course and the weather?

I really liked the course and you couldn’t ask for better weather during this time of year. It had the perfect amount of hills and the spectators cheering were great!!

4.) So NYC is the goal this fall?

I am ultimately training for the NYC marathon, but I will be racing the USA 20k champs in September and a few 10k road races to get ready for the marathon. This will be my first marathon!

In case you somehow missed it before, check out Katie in action:

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