Joe Moore On Representing His Country

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Joe Moore (Karhu) made his first National team with his ninth place finish at the cross country club nationals. That’s a pretty big deal. We got in touch with Joe for a quick Q&A over email about his recent success.

Team USA after their Bupa win, courtesy of Keith McClure.

1.) When you found out that you made the national team for both the Bupa and NACAC races, were you more excited or relieved (to finally make it)?

I became extremely anxious for the week or so before I was sure I’d made it.  I didn’t want to tell anyone until I was completely sure.  Then when I was completely sure, I tried to pretend that it wasn’t that big of a deal, I’ve been very confused as to how to behave recently.  Everyone seems so much cooler than me at this level.

2.) How did it feel to represent the US? Were you pleased with your result?

It was a decent race.  I wasn’t intimidated and I went out and tried to beat everyone I could.  The team element was great, as I knew each British guy I passed would get us closer to the win.  Also, a Brit elbowed me in the gut at the start, so that got me a little excited.  I wanted to run up to him and call him a “wanker” or something.  Instead I decided to try to beat him in the race, which made more sense.

3.) How thrilled were you guys to see that the US took the top individual spot and also the team title?

I was really pumped, because they announced halfway through that we were in second to the GB team, and right after that, Matt Forys and I passed a pack of five British guys, and kept moving up.  We came in our own big group, and they were already announcing that we had won right after I crossed the line.  I haven’t been on a team in so long, it was great to feel like that again.  Bobby is a good friend of mine, and when I found out he won too, it was even more exciting, so exciting that I knew I could buy some really expensive scotch that night and I’d have a good excuse when my wife found out.

4.) Do you think you’re better prepared for NACAC now that you have some experience under your belt? Or do you think that there wasn’t much of an adjustment?

I think the lack of jet lag will probably help me out quite a bit.  I was really tired most of the time I was in Scotland, I think I never really adjusted to the time change. I don’t think it impacted the race though.  I will probably be a little more aggressive at NACAC though.  I realized in Edinburgh that I moved through the field a little too slowly and by the time I was getting where I needed to be, the race was over.  Of course, that’s a great excuse.

5.) Who are you training with these days and what’s your focus going to be on once XC is over with?

Right now I’ve been doing a lot of my training with Mike Reneau and other members of the Twin Cities Track club as we continue to grow.  After NACAC, I’m going to chill out for a little while.  My last break was in June, so I need to regroup and get ready for the spring.  My plan is to try to hit up some shorter stuff, and hopefully get on the track a few times and make my track PRs a little more respectable.

Good luck to Joe and the rest of Team USA at NACAC on the 26th!

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