The Gambler

As far as we understand, once a year during indoors, the GBTC does a casino themed workout. The variables of the workout are determined by chance. According to Matt Haringa, it’s the “best workout of the year.” This year, Tom Derderian was rolling a ten sided die (pictured below, courtesy of Tom).


Those hoping for something garish, like a big riverboat roulette wheel didn’t quite have their expectations met but it looks like fun was had anyway.

Of the workout, Tom said: “the complete racer needs to be prepared for unpredictable moves by an adversary so we run a workout where the next interval is not on a schedule but is determined by chance. It is very Ecclesiastical.  It is life. It is racing.”

Before we move on from the Jones 10 Miler completely, we have two more thoughts on this.

A.) Joe Navas submitted this pic to illustrate just how ridiculously over-sized the race bibs were. It’s his bib on an oak floor with one of those big, soft pretzels (like you’d get at a mall food court) right next to it.

B.) God I hope the Jones people have a sense of humor.

In other news, indoor nationals tonight (right now)!

3 comments on “The Gambler

  1. kevbalance on said:

    I want details about this workout. What was rolled and when? Sounds awesome.

  2. Rob Leduc on said:

    Me, too! How many times does he roll - what do they do for each outcome?

  3. Ioannis Papadopoulos on said:

    Best, workout ever! Agreed! I miss this training

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