Reilly Edges Jesseman in Tight Race

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This time, the ladies are up first. The New Bedford Half Marathon, the second race in the 2013 road racing grand prix series, took place this past Sunday. Stephanie Reilly broke the tape again, and her Team RUN ladies finished second in the team competition. For her effort, Stephanie had this to say:

Stephanie Reilly, courtesy of Scott Mason Photo.

I would say relieved would be my best emotion after the race to be honest. I was just not a 100 percent physically, and was not sure how the race would go. I definitely had to change my game plan as a result, and run very smart early in the race. Erica is a great runner and she ran a great race and she really made me work hard to catch her.

From miles 4 to 9 I really started to find a rhythm, and I think I ran strong for those 5 miles. The wind was very harsh but I was fortunate to have a male runner to latch onto from 9-12 miles and that kept me on with not too much of a lag in pace. That’s when the lead women’s truck got close very suddenly. I was maintaining a decent pace, while I think Erica was struggling a bit. It was only on that stretch from 10-12 where I knew I had this and it was just maintain and go right by once I got to her.

It was somewhere on the hill after 12 when I caught her. I definitely feel that I am stronger than I ever have been, so even on a bad day I can truck along pretty solid. I definitely feel confident that I have a good half in me when I am on 100% physically. You think a lot when you are not feeling so great, and it certainly turns into a tough mental game more than anything. Anytime I race I always give a 100% of what I have on that day, even if that day I am not 100%, if that makes any sense.

There’s a bit of a gap between now and the Hollis 5k. What’s the next couple of months look like for you, race wise?

The Hollis 5k is definitely the next one penciled in, but until then to be honest I will play it by ear. Certainly I will keep jumping in some road races over the next couple of months. I haven’t stepped onto a track yet, and with the crap weather we are getting of late, not sure when I will….haha. But at the very least I will have another 6 weeks of this base I have going, and see where I go from there. I think I will do that Westfield 5km in a couple of weeks though. I am kind of enjoying this free spirit take to my racing. It has always been the way I operate. I hate planning to far ahead.

Finishing a few seconds back of Stephanie, Erica Jesseman wasn’t feeling great either. Although she didn’t get the individual win, being part of the winning Dirigo RC team surely offers some consolation. Here’s an interview with her after the race, with Jim Dandeneau:

In the masters division, Sheri Piers (also of Dirigo RC) took home yet another title. Sheri ran a 1:20:44 and finished with comfortable cushion over runner up Mimi Fallon.

Sheri Piers leading the masters women in New Bedford, courtesy of Scott Mason Photography.

See the rest of our New Bedford coverage here. Want to see more race pictures like the ones included here? Be sure to visit Scott Mason Photography’s great website. Also, special thanks to our sponsors for providing prizes for some of the top runners: Skechers provided pairs of shoes, along with a couple hundred goodie bags for finishers, and Sigvaris provided custom fit compression socks. They support us, so please consider supporting them.

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