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boston marathon blue ribbon png 4.16.13Here’s a list of links of relevant stories coming out of this tragedy. Some are disgusting, others are inspirational. There’s a mix of good and bad, but unfortunately that’s the situation we’re dealing with now. We can’t ignore the bad and hope it’ll go away, and we can’t over look the good that came out of it.

Just learned today that Jeff Bauman woke up in the hospital and helped crack the case. Amazing story.

Are they looting? The video doesn’t look good. Some of them could be bringing jackets to people that need them, but it’s tough to say for sure.

Some people sell medals after marathons, and I personally see nothing wrong with that. Selling anything after this race just seems all kinds of wrong to me. Shockingly (or not?) there appears to be a market for it.

Thor Kirleis ran a very impressive double marathon on Monday. His uplifting story, like all the others was marred by what happened after. Check this out for his account of both the triumph and the tragedy.

One of the most repeated concerns I heard in the aftermath of all this was about Tom Meagher. One line from the article jumped out at me:

“Probably all up and down Boylston Street, they’re going to have police standing at every corner searching every single bag,” he added. Whereas, late in the day, he used to let people down on the course to hug a loved one or drop on a knee to propose, he supposes those days are over now.

It’s all very preliminary now, but we can probably expect to hear a lot more along those lines.

Tim Ritchie ran a 2:21 on Monday, and then also wrote a pretty compelling blog entry about the ordeal: For Here All Are One

The Runners World newswire has been a very good source this week, and here are a couple of stories I wanted to pass along:

This one goes into some more detail about what happened at the Marathon Sports store. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that this store is a pillar of the running community in Boston. We’re all eagerly awaiting it’s re-opening, and hope that the Marathon Sports family is okay.

There was an entry providing the perspective of some of the elite runners, and included in that was Sheri Piers. Sheri ran another great race (2:39) and luckily made it out of there unscathed.

By now you must’ve seen this gem from Stephen Colbert:

We’ll try to get some more material out at some point today. There’s a lot we want to pass along to you, but sometimes it’s not the easiest call to make (like right now with the manhunt all over TV).

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