Last Hero, Only Hope & King of the Mountain

The fourth mountain series race was this past Sunday (June 9th), with runners this time attacking Ascutney Mountain in Windsor, VT. No moose sighting in this race, and the Sasquatch was subdued. Josh Ferenc picked up his second win of the series (the first coming at Sleepy Hollow). Ferenc ran a 29:54, and the rest of the field started coming in 44 seconds later. Macknight, Newbould, Krause, Callaghan, Dunham…some of the usual suspects right there. Callaghan was the top masters runner again (5th overall, 31:37) but Dunham gave him a fight and was right behind him.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 4.04.40 PM

Josh in action at Sleepy Hollow, his first 2013 series win. Courtesy of Scott Mason.

For now Josh isn’t quite a threat in the overall series standings. Missing the last two races hurt him there. Meanwhile, Macknight and Newbould took turns winning the last two and have put up solid races throughout. At the moment Newbould enjoys a slim lead over Macknight with two races left.

The women’s race was close, but there was no epic finish this time. Abby Mahoney again took down Christin Doneski, and both runners placed in the top twenty (16th and 19th, respectively). Doneski had to settle for knowing she was the top master in the race.

Mahoney, like Josh Ferenc, has only run two of the races this year. But also like Ferenc, she’s won both of her appearances. Although currently not threatening the series leaders, people still know she’s in contention when they see her on the line. Doneski is still sitting pretty on the top of the board through four, with Karen Encarnacion and Sarah Schlaack right behind her.

Next up is the ol’ Rock Pile, Mt. Washington. Although it’s not part of the series, it’s still one of the most iconic races around and brings out more than just the mountain goats.

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