Vassallo & Cleary Help Burn Off The Fog In Nahant

The 30k distance returned to the USATF-NE Grand Prix circuit with the Nahant 30k today. The course record holder coming in was Dan Vassallo of CMS who ran a 1:42:23 way back in 2011. The new course record is one Dan Vassallo, who just today ran a 1:40:39 and out-dueled Brandon Newbould to take the New England championship.

There’s also a new course record for the women. Cheryl Cleary took down the old mark set by Emily Kroshus (2:03:10 also in 2011). Cheryl ran a 2:01:04 and placed 58th overall. Cheryl showed a lot of emotion in the interview and it was obvious that she was truly overjoyed by her accomplishment.

It was fun to be a part of that raw, emotional experience and see someone truly enjoying something that they had worked so hard to achieve. People show it in different ways; Sean Duncan starts a dance party in a parking lot, Cheryl got a little choked up. Either way, it’s all good and shows just why we love Level Legion.

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