Smith Cleans Up At BAA Half

Kim Smith captured yet another BAA Distance Medley championship (and $100,000 pay day) on Sunday. Kim took it out fast and then broke it open in the second half:

Together through 10 kilometers in 31:48.7, it appeared Smith and Kiros would race neck-and-neck through the final half of the contest. But moments before reaching the seven mile mark, Smith put any thoughts of a duel to rest. Pumping her arms ferociously, the three-time Olympian eased away from Kiros. A five second lead soon became ten seconds, then 34 seconds at the nine mile mark.

For more on the race itself, you can see the rest of the article (by Keebler/Lotsbom) on the BAA website.

Here’s a quick Q&A we did with the speedy New Zealander who now calls Providence home:

How did it feel to pull off the triple crown: won the race, set a course record and clinched the series again, all in one day?

It was a good day for me. It’s been a bit of a rough year with some injury setbacks so winning this race and the $100000 prize definitely helps make up for some of the disappointments I’ve had this year.

Did you have your sites set on the course record?

No I was really just focused on winning. I kind of just went for it the first half, dropped the other girls by half way and cruised in the last 4 or 5 miles. I feel like I could have gone quite a bit faster but with New York only three weeks away I decided to shut it down once I knew I had it.

How has training been going and who have you been running with?

My training has been going well the last couple of months. I was injured in May/June time and was kind of half training on the injuries thrn raced the Baa 10k while hurt, took two weeks off after that and since then things have gone pretty well. I’ve been doing a lot of my training with Amy Hastings Molly huddle and Katie d’camillo. It’s a great group to train with.

Any chance you’ll hop in a cross country race there this fall? What is your training focused on now that the Distance Medley is done for the year?

No chance, I hate cross country! I’m doing the NYC marathon.

Finally, a really serious one: which has the better Italian food, Federal Hill in Providence or the North End in Boston?

I have actually never had Italian food in the North End but I love federal Hill.

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