Frankfurt to Franklin Park

Level Legion was out in force once again, with renners going at it from as nearby as Franklin Park in Boston to the Marine Corps Marathon down in DC, and then even all the way over in Frankfurt, Germany.

Starting locally, there was the Mayor’s Cup XC races at Franklin Park. This featured quite a few races, including a couple of kids races. The main event however was the men’s and women’s championship races. These drew runners from all over and the competition was fierce. Details to come, lots on this one.

Mayors Cup Mason

From the men’s 8k at Franklin Park, courtesy of Scott Mason Photo.

At Marine Corps, there were plenty of locals there. Perhaps we’ll hear from some of them on the experience. The winners were Girma Bedada (2:21:32) and Kelly Calway (2:42:16).

Over in Germany, local speedster Chris Barnicle made his marathon debut at the Frankfurt Marathon. Chris ran 2:21:58 (both netto and brutto, whatever that means). Not a bad debut, right? Chris came in 34th in the deep field, which included seven going under 2:10 and twenty-seven going under 2:20. Vincent Kipruto won it in 2:06:15 and most likely had to lean at the tape because Mark Kiptoo was right on his heels (2:06:16). Again, both times netto and brutto, in case you were wondering.


And before we get comments here pointing out the obvious, I do know what netto and brutoo mean. They just sounded like fun words to use here.

One comment on “Frankfurt to Franklin Park

  1. Eva says:

    Netto and brutto is net time and gun time in German. :-)

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