Sochi Olympic Torch Details

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By Gary Cattarin

TODAY – at approximately 3:40 PM we are bringing the torch to the Boston Marathon finish line.  If you live or work in Boston, please join us for a mini-runner-flash-mob-like-kinda-thing.  See it, get your picture taken with, caress it, whatever (keep it clean).  This is a “landmark” stop – the torch is “on vacation seeing the sights!”, so you won’t be interrupting anything.  Instead, you’ll be helping to make this more of an event.  I can’t promise we’ll be able to stop traffic and stand on the line (but the more of us there are, well, you never know!).

Or, join us earlier outside Fenway, as we will run the torch from there to the finish line.

Plan for THURSDAY:

~3:30 PM

  • ·         I will emerge from Fenway with the torch.  Please be patient if we’re running late!
  • ·         We will collect any and all gathered around the corner of Yawkey and Van Ness.  This might be 3, 30, or 300, you decide!
  • ·         We will run with great mirth and merriment eastward, first looking for stragglers alongside Fenway, then hopping south to Boylston.
  • ·         It will be slow to allow all abilities to join us (besides, I’m injured!)
  • ·         Wear red if you’ve got it, or anything that identifies BOSTON – Marathon, Patriots, Sox, Bruins, Celtics, you name it.
  • ·         Sadly, we cannot light the torch.  As it is being shipped around, it is devoid of fuel.
  • ·         We’ll take turns with the torch.  I only ask the honor of the last hundred yards!

~3:40 PM

  • ·         We’ll arrive at the finish line, hopefully met by more runners!  (Again, please be patient if we’re running late!)
  • ·         We’ll take pictures, pass the torch around, etc.  If there are enough of us we may boldly hold up traffic for 30 seconds for a rapidly assembled on-the-line pic.
  • ·         After I drop the torch at FedEx (2 blocks away) for transit to its next destination, those who wish can run back to Fenway.


Special thanks to Gary Cattarin and Avaya for sharing this experience with the runners of the area!

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